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What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging, like traditional staging, is decorating a property to showcase its best features and qualities to make it more attractive to homebuyers.

However, as the name suggests, virtual staging is carried out using a computer. To reveal the full potential of an empty room, skilled virtual stagers digitally add ornamental items to high-resolution pictures.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Virtual Staging

While still allowing potential buyers to see your home’s best characteristics, virtual staging can be a quick and advantageous substitute for traditional staging. For some house sellers, it might not be the best option. To assist you in making a decision, let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks:


1. Showcase features: It might help you highlight the best characteristics of an empty house.

2. Cost-effectiveness: When staging a vacant property, virtual staging may be more economical than traditional staging.

3. Flexibility: Virtual staging enables you to stage any number of rooms or multipurpose rooms in various ways when preparing an empty house for sale. Using a spare bedroom as a home office, for instance.

4. Convenient: With virtual staging, no one needs to be inside your house moving furniture or other items.

5. Fast: Compared to traditional staging, virtual staging is far quicker and allows you more control over how your home will seem.


1. Homes that are still being occupied can be challenging to stage virtually, unless you already have empty listing images that you can use.

2. Furniture and décor only exist in the virtual space: Make sure the agents have photos in hand or access to the staged images for potential buyers to view once they’re touring your home in person.

Virtual staging can be a tremendous asset when you’re selling a vacant or occupied home or one that has outdated furnishings. It enables potential purchasers to see your house for what it truly is, rather than merely as a blank space. Whether you choose virtual staging or conventional staging, both options might help you sell your house more quickly and for a higher price.

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