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Tree Planting CSR 2022

With the ongoing conversations about climate change, deforestation, and the finite nature of natural resources, sustainability is on the minds of both consumers, investors, and businesses.

Over the past few years Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has been handling a roads expansion project in the Upper Hill Area. The project, however beneficial in form of accessibility, has reduced the tree cover in Upper Hill making the area that was once green and beautiful to lose its image.

In trying to reclaim this, KURA in partnership with Upper Hill District Association (UHDA) and Kenya Forest Services did a tree planting exercise where 1600 seedlings were planted.

Dunhill Consulting Ltd, among other businesses, represented the private sector to plant trees in the Upper Hill area to help achieve this goal.

This event involved the members of Upper Hill Community and it is the beginning of many other projects that UHDA alongside the National and County Government will undertake to reclaim the image. This will also assist to achieve the target of the President, H.E Dr. William Ruto of planting 15 billion tree in the country.

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