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Kenya’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate


An important emerging trend in Kenya is the adoption of technology in the real estate sector, with online property listing, virtual tours, property management software, and smart home technology solutions becoming more and more popular. This will improve the transparency and convenience of buyers, sellers or investors.


The goal of customization as an emerging trend in Kenyan real estate is the ability to create very personalized living experiences through tailored finishes that suit the taste, personality and the niche needs of the unit owners.

Quality and Modern Finishing’s

Another emerging trend in the Kenyan Real Estate market is the demand for high quality and aesthetic finishes. From the lighting, wall, flooring and ceiling finishes. Kenyans are leaning towards more chic, high quality and sustainable finishes.

A particularly aesthetic trend is gypsum wall lighting that is being adopted in many urban residential units. Not only is this kind of lighting beautiful but also energy efficient.


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