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Increase Productivity by Decluttering Office Space

For any company, decluttering office space has always been a challenge. After all, accumulating miscellaneous items over time is unavoidable. Documents pile up, and new office supplies arrive to replace the old ones, but the old ones never really depart from your workspace. They eventually end up scattered around the office, either in a drawer or in the corner of a desk, and the cycle continues.

Decluttering combined with a good amount of organizational improvement not only sanitizes a workspace, but it can also improve work quality, performance, and health. The benefits of a clean space include improved focus and efficiency, maximizes time and energy to do things that matter, improves employees’ health and brings in positive energy. Clearing out the clutter is no simple job, but if everyone participates effectively, things can move much more quickly. Here are a few things everyone can do, no matter how big or small:

1. Make a list of everything you own.

Make a list of all the things that are on your desk. This is a good place to start if you want to visualize what you can get rid of. Having fewer things on your desk will help increase productivity as less clutter is likely to gather.

2. Make a list of the most important things.

Which of the things on your desk are the most commonly used? Prioritize their placement based on their requirements. This will avoid time wasting when you are trying to find something important, but can’t because its hidden under a mountain of papers.

3. Create an “office flow”

Create a storage area for similar items, such as equipment, papers, and emergency supplies. This will help prevent missing papers, stationary and other office equipment. Additionally, it will save time when you are trying to find important documents as it is most likely to be in the area where all the papers are kept.

4. Divide your desk into zones

It is important to create fast access to your most frequently used objects. Organize your stationary in a cup, your papers in multi-layered trays, and so on. Remember to keep the amount of stuff on your desk to a minimum to allow for quick movement.

5. Keep the wires hidden

With so many electrical wires, it’s easy to make a mess. To get them flowing in one direction, use alligator clips on the side of the desk to creatively organize them. Additionally, you can create a zone on your table for electronics so that they are all concealed to one area of the table, leaving empty room on your desk for other items.

6. Eliminate paper use

There may be a significant number of typed or handwritten papers. Instead of taking up space, consider saving the information on your screen. You’ll free up space while also helping to save trees! However, in some situations this may be avoidable, in that case, you may want to recycle these papers after a certain period of time.

7. Limit personal items

Allow positive energy to flow freely. Enable everyone to select a source of inspiration when it comes to nostalgic things on each employee’s desk and motivation for good work. However, it is important to note that this should be kept to a limited amount.

8. Make it a habit to tidy up before leaving

It may seem insignificant, but getting a clean desk to return to the next morning makes a significant difference. It also encourages healthy cleaning habits.

An office is more than just a workspace. Its organization has the potential to impact not only physical cleanliness but also efficiency.

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