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How To Choose The Best Space For Your Restaurant Or Café!


Your restaurant space needs to be located in an area that is easily accessible by your target audience. Before going on the hunt to find a space that works for you set out your target audience and try tap into their minds and think of what they would want or look at when choosing where to have their next meal. Think of your menu, the pricing and the vibe that you are going for. Location is the key ingredient to this recipe.

2.The View or Aesthetic

In the competitive hospitality and food industry, you need all aspects to speak to your potential customers. The property you choose to house your restaurant or café is a vital aspect in bringing this together. You need to work out what feel you are going for… greenery, by a water body, on the rooftop, or overlooking the city etc.

3.Amenities & Facilities

You would want your guests to be comfortable when visiting you! Keep in mind the need for secluded washrooms for your guests, accessibility, ample and secure parking, stable power connection / generator, uninterrupted water supply / borehole and fire-fighting equipment or technology. A property that has it all will make it easier to attract the customers that you wish to target. Nobody wants to deal with any hassle when out to enjoy a nice meal.

4.Fine Dining or Casual Dining?

This will determine the size and type of space you will need. The type of cuisine traditionally dictated the aesthetic of the restaurant, however, with more and more “instagrammable” café’s coming up and rising in popularity, the real estate X food industry have seen a change.


Can you afford the restaurant / café space you are looking to get? Your projected profits must cover your rent and service charge. Some tenants over look service charge, but when looking at a commercial space especially as a first time restaurant of café owner, you need to pay keen attention to this. Service charge is a fixed cost you will incur whether you choose to rent or buy.

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