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Boost Warehouse Productivity and Efficiency with these Simple Steps

To run a successful business, you must be organized. Use this checklist as a guide to increase productivity and efficiency in your warehouse.

1. Optimize Process Flow by Organizing the Floor Plan

A well-organized work environment should be both safe and efficient for your staff. The flow should be set up in the order of operations. For example, the process of inventory starts from receiving and proceeds with storage. It is then stored in one or more zones depending on the storage type. Orders are picked, packaged, sent to shipping, and then shipped out the door. Understanding the flow of operations enables you to visualize the best possible way your warehouse should be set up.

Pro Tip: Draw out the process from start to finish to fully map out the best layout for your warehouse. Make sure there are no diversions/interruptions from one stage to the next. This creates a clean flow allowing for a more efficient work space.

2. Use Labels to Maintain Organization

Inventory should be labeled throughout your warehouse to ensure long-term organization. This will ensure that staff know where to find products and/or where they belong once you’ve designed your warehouse layout. This is especially useful for new employees or facilities that frequently use temp labor. Additionally, consider using labels or signs to any hazardous areas to increase employee safety.

3. Compartmentalize Inventory using Storage Devices

Storage devices come in many different shapes and sizes. Invest in different storage methods to keep even the smallest items such as screws organized. This will enable staff to find items more efficiently as they will not be wasting time finding different components.

4. Clean on a regular basis

Employee safety is ensured by keeping the warehouse free of dust and filth, as well as greater risks such as spills. This will also help to prevent product loss or damage to your inventory. Create a checklist for your employees to complete at the end of their shifts for example, sweeping, cleaning work surfaces, etc. This will prompt cleanliness in the work space.

5. Perform Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment should be a top priority. It keeps your facility running smoothly, minimizing or eliminating unnecessary downtime. Your employees will be more productive if your equipment is in good working order.

Once you’ve organized your warehouse, the most important thing to remember is to examine your processes and procedures on a regular basis. Organizing your warehouse now will help you run a more efficient and profitable business in the future!

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