About Dunhill Consulting

Dunhill Consulting Limited’s property services are refreshingly different. That’s because the unique combination of our people and our property management and marketing strategies give you the very best service available, whether you want to have your property managed, sold, let, or are even thinking of buying. All of our services are driven by our core philosophy: professional, cost effective and hassle-free.


We always strive for professionalism and always perform due dilligence on all our properties and have all the paper work done for you so you don't have to.

Cost Effective

We help you save money, as we provide a one-stop service whether you are buying from us or you are listing your property with us.

Hassle Free

Whether you are listing with us or buying from us, you are guaranteed quality services and quality properties that have been carefully and profesionally selected.

Excellent Sales & Marketing

We have been in the industry for long, enabling us know the dynamics of the property market and what the market wants.