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6 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, with its usual social pressures of wearing the fanciest outfit, buying the tastiest box of chocolates, going to the most expensive restaurants with the smallest portions that leave you staying hungry, and buying the biggest bouquet of roses for your partner.

You could buy into the commercial holiday or you could forego the usual candlelit dinner and instead invest in something more long-lasting, like your home.

Here are six different ways to give your home a little extra affection this Valentine’s Day!

1.Organize! Organize! Organize!

Every home has that hidden little secret. An area where we throw our miscellaneous items, the ones that don’t have a particular spot so it just gathers until you have a large overwhelming mess that seems too daunting to clean up. Either a random drawer in the kitchen, the entryway cupboard, an extra storage room maybe? This is your sign to cut the clutter and organize the problem! These helpful cleaning tips can make the process easier:

•Categorize all your items before cleaning, this way everything has a specific place to be stored.

•Purge your unwanted items, if you haven’t used it in more than 6 months, get rid of it.

•Store smaller items into containers/dividers. This makes it easier to find things.

Put your favorite music/TV Show in the background, grab your partner and get to organizing.

2.Clean It Up!

Give you’re a house a good clean. Start with the main living areas and work your way to the rest of the house. Focus on some items that may be neglected when you usually clean, e.g. your oven, microwave, washing machine and other appliances. When cleaning create a plan for yourself so that you aren’t overwhelmed by the process. You can distribute the cleaning over a period of a few days, so that its finished by the time valentine’s day hits.

3.If Its Broken, Fix It

Maybe you’ve been making it work until now, but if something is broken fix it! Take some time to do inventory on a few things in your home that could be upgraded. Restore a leaky faucet in the bathroom, change out those lights that don’t work anymore, add new batteries in your remotes, maybe buy a new rug to replace the old, dirty one. These small changes can make your home more convenient and comfortable to live in.

4.Revamp Old Areas Of Your House

You can add a pop of color to a plain, boring wall. Accent walls are a great and affordable way to create excitement and liven up a dull space. Additionally, if your stained or painted wood cabinets have seen better days, give them a facelift. Your level of investment in the required tools and materials will be small, and the immediate payoff to the look of your kitchen is likely to be huge.

5.Redecorate A Room

A few simple changes in a room can make the biggest difference to the overall look.

•Revitalizing and rearranging your furniture in a room can provide a fresh sense of change and newness without breaking the bank.

•Personalize your living space by framing fun photos of your friends and family. Maybe create a gallery wall so showcase all your beautiful pictures.

•Change your bedding and throw pillows. This simple step is a very cheap and effective way to bring change into your room.

6.Show It Off!

Don’t get us wrong, it’s still fun to dress up and buy flowers and chocolates for your loved ones, so show off your home to friends and family. You’ve put the work in, now take the time to celebrate your efforts by hosting a Valentine’s Day-themed party.

But on top of the holiday spectacle, look for ways to fall in love with your home all over again with these Valentine’s Day tips that will reinvigorate your living space.

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