Industrial Property measuring 147,218 sq.ft Baba Dogo, Ruaraka

Property type: WAREHOUSE
Area (Sq Ft)


This property measures 147,218 sq.ft and is situated on Baba Dogo Rd, approximately 200 meters off Outering Road. The building is a three storey industrial property with two mezzanine floors. In addition, there is a gate house and service rooms within this section.

– The floors are finished in hardened cement screed and save for ceramic tiles to wet areas and offices.
– The floor height to the ground floor is 12 meters and 5 meters to the floors.
– Windows are glazed metal casement windows.
– All mains services are connected to the property.
– 2*Backup Generators have been installed within the development with a capacity of 650 KVA and 500 KVA.
– Borehole
– Lift
– Integrated fire alarm smoke system
– Solar system providing a power capacity of 250 KVA
– Roof is insulated, provided with a cyclone air vent.
– Rain water harvesting with a 200,000 litre pooling tank.
– Air conditioning has been installed at the executive offices.
– Loading Zone
– Good Hoist

Service rooms comprises:
– KPLC Transformer room
– Main Power room
– 2*generator rooms
– Stores
– Changing rooms
– Diesel Room



Ksh 900 m