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Brighten up your Living Space

Trick your way into a brighter space — even when the natural light conditions are dim.

Whether you live in a big home with a dark interior or a tiny apartment with only one window, follow these tips to bring in more light.

1. Paint it light and bright

Color is simply the light that enters our eyes after reflecting off of various objects. The amazing thing about white is that it reflects the majority of the light that reaches it, giving the illusion of light. Paint colors that are saturated but light in value have a similar impact while giving a room its own distinct personality.

2. Mirrors should be placed in strategic locations

Mirrors cannot make a room look brighter on their own however they are exceptional at reflecting natural light in rooms that already receive it. However, don’t expect the same effect in dim hallways and bathrooms, as it’s pointless to repeat a dim view. So go ahead and swap those gaudy mirrored glass panels in your bathroom with framed mirrors that are more appealing.

3. Maintain the Contrast

A kitchen with white cabinets, countertops, walls and backsplashes is about as bright as it gets, yet the lack of variety can leave the overall effect a bit dull. Introduce contrast to keep things interesting. Choose your favorite color for accessories, cookware, and decorations, or even an entire palette. Pro Tip: A vibrant mosaic backsplash adds charm and personality, or add drama to the scene with dark furniture, picture frames or patterns.

4. Replace doors

Doors are a perfect way to let more light in, enhance the view from inside, and make the entrance more inviting. Since your front door is a sign of both your home’s and your own personality, choose a design that complements the architecture. Choose one with stained glass or tiny windows at the top if you’re worried about privacy. Even a small amount of natural light can have a significant impact.

5. Eliminate glare

The issue isn’t always the quantity of light, but rather the quality. Place lights near the walls and LED strips under cabinets to create a soft glow on the wall. Include task lighting in areas where it’s most required, such as the home office or areas where you read and work.

6. Brighten the view outside

Perhaps you’re too preoccupied with the inside to notice the outside. Overgrown shrubs and trees will prevent natural light from reaching the property, so trim those bushes and tree limbs. Also, to reflect light indoors, use plants with variegated or silver leaves in your landscape, and consider renovating your patio and paving it with something lighter.

Follow these simple steps to brighten up your living space! Be sure to tag us in your photos if you try any of these!

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