Comparing Apartments and Houses for Rent


One of the most common choices for renters is between apartments and houses for rent. Each choice offers its own advantages and disadvantages – from size and price to other amenities. It’s important to understand the benefits of both apartments and houses for rent before making a final decision.

Apartments and Houses for Rent – Benefits of Apartments
Cost. Generally speaking, the rents for apartments are lower than for houses. While the calculation for rent has a lot to do with the location of the property, apartment complexes and other factors, it is also easier to keep rents lower when they are numerous tenants helping to pay for the costs of an apartment building.
Maintenance and repair. This is the issue cited most often in favor of apartment living. The responsibility for an apartment building is totally in the hands of the landlord. That means the responsibility of a tenant in an apartment is to notify the landlord of the necessary repair or maintenance issue. With houses for rent, it is common for the renter to have additional duties, such as cutting the grass or shoveling snow.
• Amenities. One of the ways that apartment complexes, particularly larger ones, attract tenants is by offering amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools and tennis courts. Other amenities in apartment complexes include gated entrances and security guards.

Apartments and Houses for Rent – Benefits of Houses
•More room. Even a small house is likely to offer 1,000 square feet of space, while a large apartment is usually smaller than that. If you have lots of furniture and other belongings, they are more likely to fit in a house as opposed to an apartment for rent. That can save money on storage costs. If decorating is your thing, there’s a lot more to be done in a house for rent than an apartment for rent.
• Privacy. If you value privacy, as well as a quiet living arrangement, then a house is clearly the choice. Even small apartment buildings adds neighbors, some of whom are just a wall away from your apartment. In addition to the other tenants, you also will be impacted by their visitors.
•Parking. Even in apartments where parking is provided, it’s impossible to compete with a driveway just a few feet from your front door. That’s what a house has to offer, and it’s an important difference between apartments and houses for rent for many people. Another advantage of the driveway of a home is that you never have to worry about another tenant taking parking space.