Top 5 Tips for Small Apartment Living

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Small apartment living doesn’t have to cramp your lifestyle. With the right types of decorations and storage solutions, you can live like a king – or queen – even in the smallest of spaces. To begin creating a comfortable sanctuary in your small apartment home, use these tips below.

1. Downsize
Small apartment living solutions start with significant downsizing. Go through all of your items and get rid of any clothes or furniture pieces which are largely unused; extra decorations and knickknacks which hold no sentimental value should go as well. If the space within your apartment is still a little crowded after downsizing, you may want to rent extra storage space for some of your belongings.

2. Invest in Functional Small Apartment Furniture
Functional small apartment furniture can transform the spaces within your home. Consider trading in a large couch for a smaller ‘mini-mod’ sofa or love seat or invest in a futon or pull-out couch for an extra bed without the extra space. If space is left unused in the corners of your apartments, purchase a few corner bookshelves or a small corner desk to take advantage of this unused space.

3. Use Space Saving Solutions
In every room, try to use space saving solutions to utilize all spaces effectively. For example, hanging wall storage shelves, double clothing bars for the closet, shelves in the bedroom and bathroom, hanging hooks on the walls for towels, coats, and purses, under bed storage boxes, drawer organizers, and plenty of stacking boxes and bins. All of these solutions for small apartment living can help to organize your items and reduce clutter in your apartment.

4. Decorate With Care
Too many decorations, and the wrong types of colors, can overwhelm apartments and make small rooms appear even smaller. To free up the overall feel inside a small apartment, decorate with care. Light colored curtains which stretch down to the floor will make the ceiling appear higher than it really is and lighter colored furniture will add an impression of space – but darker curtains and furniture will draw the eye inward and in turn make the room feel smaller than it actually is. Instead of filling shelves and walls with knickknacks and pictures, try to use just one stunning picture in each room – or a collection of smaller pictures – and just one or two knickknacks on each shelf.

5. Create An Extra Guest Room In Minutes
Small apartment living doesn’t have to exclude any guests from staying over. With a few space saving solutions you can create an extra guest room in minutes – even in a studio apartment. If you are planning on having guests stay over from time to time, invest in an air mattress or a Murphy bed and a fold up room divider. With these supplies you can create an extra private room in minutes for your guests – and then easily store the ‘room’ away when your guests leave.