Simple ideas on when and how to add a new touch to your house


To decorate or not to decorate is often the dilemma many homeowners face in regard to when the right time to redecorate a room or an entire living space might be. Below are a few instances when decorating is a good idea:

New house
It might seem quite obvious that moving into a new house is a good time to decorate but often, many homeowners procrastinate decorating a house once they move in as they are exhausted by the transition and possibly, also already comfortable in the new space. To avoid this trap, it is always a good idea not to move into a new space in a hurry, and don’t move your old house style lock, stock and barrel into a new house. If possible, consider moving into the space gradually. Pay the rent a month in advance and decorate the space room by room.

Paint, measure for curtains, take time to get the right furniture – trust me, doing this slowly pays off as you will buy prudently and decorate slowly, thus avoiding expensive decorating blunders like buying oversized furniture. What is more, it is easier to decorate a space when there is nothing in it, so the process will be a whole lot smoother than it would be if you were living in the space. Essentially, take the move to be a fresh start like you would a new year, new job or new relationship and approach it with a fresh perspective.

How? For one, take a long hard look at the new space and think of new ways you can use your old furniture in the new house. For instance, if you are moving into a house with larger bedrooms and anticipate buying a new bed, you could consider going for a Swahili-themed living room décor and resize your old bed to become a day bed, complete with cushions made of lesso fabric.

Winds of change
They say that the only consistent thing about life is its inconsistencies, so use moments like family changes such as the kids leaving the “nest”, relationship break-ups, or even sadly, something like death, to change your home to reflect your new circumstances. The redecorating process can be a way to grieve and also re-define your new lifestyle or state of mind.

For instance, if your grown-up children no longer need their bedrooms, you could redecorate and convert one room into a hobby room such as a craft room or even a music or media room where you can display some of your favourite music collections, complete with vintage music posters and old music players. You could use an old, chocolate-coloured, three-seater velvet arm chair to create a cozy nook for listening to music. Accessorise the couch with bright, paisley-print cushions and use old wooden soda crates (spraypainted silver) to store CDs.

Too much, too long
Sometimes you can tell that a house needs a makeover, such as when things are falling apart, and everything seems to be in need of repair or a lick of paint. That is often a sign that the house needs a style boost. Fixing such a house does not need a wheelbarrow full of money. Instead, break down the renovation into monthly phases and tackle one room at a time. That will make the project more manageable and also allow for the rest of the house to be used as the renovations go on.

Empty feeling
Holidays are another great time to decorate, especially where there is a paint job involved. This is especially ideal for families with young children as it avoids the stink drama when you come home to a freshly painted home that no one, especially the kids, can sleep in. The ideal thing to do is to send the rest of the family away and stay on, if possible, and let the contractors work as everyone has fun, far far away.