Why Rental Houses in Nairobi is the Way to Go


Nairobi, the Green City in the Sun, is the political and cultural heart of East Africa. Today, this city is striving and has a lot to offer to its people and the tourists. More so, it is no wonder why there are a lot of people who want to move to Nairobi.

If you are one of those who are planning to move to Nairobi, you might want to look into a lot of things like availability of various basic commodities together with your need for shelter. The rental houses in Nairobi are doozy because you can now see housing improvements that come in affordable prices. These great developments continue despite the fact that land prices in Nairobi has skyrocketed to a thousand percent and owning a land and  house might really cost you an arm and a leg.

Furthermore, rental houses in Nairobi are dime in a dozen because of fewer payments. In fact, there are several advantages to renting a house and these are listed below.

No Debt in Renting a home
When you rent a house, your only responsibility is the monthly rental and utilities. That’s about it. On the other side, when you plan to purchase a house, you are likely to take out a loan in order to finance it.

Such case will put you in debt for quite a time and will delay future plans. If you are not financially ready to buy a house, it is better to rent a place for now.

No Major Financing is Needed
Most people who buy a house need to have some sort of financing which later turns out into a loan. When you are into loans, the process can be long and tiresome.  Moreover, exorbitant interest rates are sometimes included. However, when you rent a home, you no longer need to worry about financing.scale

Freedom of Choice
Renting a home is flexible since you only just need to sign for the duration of the lease. This usually starts from 6 months to a year. Meaning, for that duration of time you have tied the knot to that place. Moreover, when the contract is over, you can decide to either renew the lease or leave the place at once.

This usually does not happen when you own a house especially if you had it through loan financing. This is for the reason that you have the obligation to pay your debt for a period of time.

Answer to Housing Needs – short term
If you plan to relocate then it’s just a piece of cake. However, if you own a house, you will need to sell it which can be very daunting.

Less Responsibility
Renting means that most of the responsibilities rest on the shoulders of the owner. Meaning, if the pipe is damaged, you are not likely to spend bucks since it is the proprietor’s responsibility. On the other hand and if the same thing happens, the repairs and all the bills will come straight to your pocket.

Moreover, when you rent a home, minor maintenance such as replacing the light bulb and changing the AC unit filters is your only responsibility. You don’t have to worry about major repairs in the future since there is someone who will shoulder them.

Moreover, rental houses in Nairobi are really great because most of them are spacious and beautiful. In addition, the prices won’t hurt your wallet. More so, you no longer need to visit the place since you can easily browse through the numerous, trusted and easy to use online ads of homes for rent.

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